As a sponsor for the Topeka Model United Nations Conference you are responsible for the preparation of your delegates. This page will provide an idea of your responsibilities as a sponsor and help you understand requirements for your delegates and officers. In addition, be sure to check for updates in your email or on the Informational Update tab.


As a sponsor, you are a key component that can make or break your students Topeka Model United Nations' experience. Therefore, the following list will help you keep track of all the things you should be actively doing before the conference to make sure your students are well prepared for success. 
1. Fill out and turn in participation form with an estimate of participants   
2.  Make payment - $15 per delegate and officer (Invoice available below)
3.  Confirm Country Assignments
4.  Submit Position Papers
5.  Submit Delegate Roster 
6. Submit Resolutions
7. Review conference schedule and prepare students for all aspects of the two day event​


Once you have sent in the necessary paper work and received your country assignment, you should be ready to begin preparing your delegates for the Topeka Model United Nations Conference. The following list should provide guidance through this process. 
​1.  Delegates need to research the United Nations
2.  Assign countries and councils to delegates
3.  Delegates need to research their countries 
4.  Delegates write the position paper 
5.  Delegates write a resolution based on the resolution topics 
6.  Delegates prepare for debate on selected resolutions 

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